Vertical Sand Mill

General introduction:

Vertical sand mill is used to separate the black carbon and iron oxide with high fineness requirement. It is designed for the purpose of wet milling on dispersing process mainly in the manufacturing of water and solvent based coating, calcium carbonate, sulphur dispersion, metal oxides, fertilizer chemicals, printing inks and toners and chemical applications.



Simple structure and easy maintenance;

Stable starting system;

High efficient continuous production;

Handy color changing;

Easy cleaning and operation.

Operation principles:

Vertical sand mill is based on the circulation between a large holding tank and a grinding chamber. In general the size of the holding tank is ten times of the grinding chamber. The materials will pass through about 8 times per hour. The grinding media are added into the grinding chamber. The fluid materials are transferred into a water jacketed grinding chamber by a variable speed control pump. The materials in the chamber are subjected to a huge shearing force and intense impact, thus providing a reduction of particle size and a homogeneous material.

The preferential milling principle can explain that the fast pumping through the agitated fluid bed provides the grinding chamber acts as dynamic sieve or filter, allowing the fine particles to pass and move quickly through while the coarse particles follows a more high impact reaction inside the fluid bed. With the principle of circulation, the fluid is having many passes through the grinding chamber until the desired particle is obtained.


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