Sea Sand mining

General description:

The fast increasing demand of construction materials decides a large amount of sea sand needed. Therefore, the legal sea sand mining plays an important role in the economy development.


Sea sand mining process:

In the sea sand mining process, the raw materials enter into the crusher through feeder hopper which is divided into two parts, one part through the middle of classifier entering into the rotating impeller at high speed, then accelerated, whose speed can reach hundreds of acceleration, and then is shot through the tunnels around the impeller by the speed of 60~75 meter/second.

The materials firstly will impact with some materials fallen around classifier, then impact on the whirlpool cavity's scale board together, then will be rebounded and impact on the top of the whirlpool cavity. Next its direction should be changed and go down. Some materials will be impacted, crushed, milled twice or more times in the whirlpool cavity. The crushed materials will be excluded through the bottom discharging hole. This can form a closed circulation through the circular classifier system. In general, materials can be crushed into 20 meshes through thrice circulation. Airflow self-circulation in the whirlpool cavity can eliminate the dust pollution well.

Features of sea sand vertical shaft impact crusher:

High efficiency and low consumption;

Easy maintenance and installation;

Little noise and dust pollution;

Simple structure and low cost;

Cubic shaped final product;

Crush the hard materials.

Sea sand mining machine for sale:

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