Magnetite Iron Sand Vacuum Filter

General introduction:

Magnetite iron sand vacuum filter is a well-established technique used in industry dewatering. It is the solid-liquid separation equipment driven by vacuum negative pressure and widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical paper, food, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other areas. Shanghai Zenith Company has delivered and installed successfully the rotary vacuum filter for magnetite iron sand mining.


Operating principles:

A pressure differential between the surface and inside of the drum is applied by means of vacuum. The differential pressure causes transport of liquid through the filtration surface while the filter medium arrests solid particles and a cake is formed. As the drum rotates, the cake rises above the slurry level in the filter tank and air is drawn through the cake, forcing out liquid. The liquid exits the filter through the internal piping and the vacuum head. There are two main basic design principles:

1. Zenith vacuum filter is specially designed for high vacuum operation allowing very high air flow rates and this will result in higher capacities, extended application range and lower cake moisture.

2. The integrated components and equipment result in:

Features may be added or altered to accommodate process changes;

Construction from proven, standard components;

Simplified maintenance and parts replacement;

Lower equipment and operating costs;

Flexibility in machine configuration.


High filtration efficiency, production capacity and washing effect, low cake moisture, flexible operation and maintenance cost;

It is special for the magnetic minerals dehydration and the machine is 3 times bigger than other vacuum filter;

Excellent production capacity, low moisture rate and easy to discharge;

Easy technical layout, material saving, cost saving and energy saving;

Customized design for different needs;

High clarity filtration and recycling rate.


Shanghai Zenith Company is a professional and famous magnetite iron sand vacuum filter manufacturer in the world. The excellent product and considerate service are provided to all the customers. Besides the machine maintenance knowledge is also offered to you all to make sure that the production line can proceed successfully. To help clients make more profits is our principle. Zenith always puts you first and keeps you ahead.