How Operate Fine Crusher Correctly?

Overview of fine crusher:

Fine crusher is also called high efficiency fine crusher. It is the third generation crusher and it is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving sand making equipment. Saving about 50% energy than the traditional crusher, fine crusher is the most advanced fine crusher in the world. Then how to operate fine crusher correctly is very important for the entire mineral producer. The following are the operation steps about the fine crusher.


Operation details:

1. Fine crusher and the power must be installed tightly. If the fine crusher needs long-time and fixed work, it should be installed on the cement foundation;

2. After install the fine crusher, every part should be checked to make sure that they are tight. If there is loose part, tighten the part. Meanwhile check whether the belt is loose;

3. Before starting up the fine crusher, please run the rotor with hand to check whether the hock, hammer and the rotor operating flexibly, whether there is collision phenomenon in the crusher body, whether the rotating direction of the rotor fits the energy arrow direction, and whether the power and the fine crusher have good lubrication;

4. Do not change the belt wheel easily to prevent crushing chamber from exploding if the rotating speed is too high. Or the rotating speed is too low to impact the working efficiency;

5. After starting up the fine crusher, let it rotate with nothing for 2~3 min, till there is no abnormal phenomenon then to feed the materials;

6. In the crushing process, pay attention to the operation conditions to make sure that it feeds the materials evenly to prevent blocking. Do not work with overload for long time.


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