How to Operate Ball Mill Properly?

General description:

Because the production demand is becoming higher than before and there is short of technicians and many workers go to the working post without any long professional training, it is very necessary to operate ball mill properly in the working process.


Operation details:

During the operation, the relatively fixed factors include: raw ore hardness, crushing size, sieve hole of grizzly, ball mill type, steel ball quality, steel ball size ratio, ball mill rotate speed, classifier rotate speed, classifier main bearing elevating height, classifier vane wear, height and size of classifier down mouth and the size and height of classifier upper mouth.

The factors affect the grinding mill efficiency include: feeding water quantity of the ball mill, ball mill discharging port, feeding size. About the ball mill bulging belly problem, there are few factors. Firstly, whether ball mill feeding port spits materials; secondly, ball mill sound, if the ball mill is in bulging belly, the sound becomes small; thirdly, ball mill electric current control cabinet, specially emphasized is that when ball mill is in bulging belly, the electric current will become smaller. The principle: when ball mill is in bulging belly, the mineral quantity in ball mill becoming larger. When the quantity becomes larger, the steel ball and mineral rotates with ball mill cylinder, the discharging size becomes coarse. Then ball mill does smaller work, so in the transformation from electric energy to motion energy, the electric energy becomes smaller. The voltage is fixed, electric energy becomes smaller, and then the current value becomes smaller.


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