Improve Cement Ball Mill Productivity

Improve cement ball mill productivity is the main purpose for the cement producers. How to guarantee cement ball mill feeding uniformly is the main method to improve the productivity.


How to guarantee cement ball mill feeding uniformly?

The so-called feeding uniformly includes: the feeding amount of cement ball mill is stable and the feeding size does not change.

1. If add the feeding amount improperly, it will make the ball mill products size become coarse, increase the sand return amount. For cell ball mill, it may cause the machine "distending"-overloading. At this time the ball mill will have weak and dreariment sound and it will lose the grinding function. Then it should reduce or stop feeding minerals and increase the overflow concentration. Till the ball mill return to normal, the materials can be sent in the feeder.

2. If there are not enough feeder amounts; it will appear that the discharging size becoming fine and the sand return amount reducing. When feeding materials are seriously insufficient, the scale board and steel ball will impact with each other to make noise. This will cause grinding medium and scale board damage.

3. When the feeding amount is unchangeable, the feeding materials size increase or decrease will lead to the similar phenomenon of the feeding amount.

So when the ball mill operates normally, it should be guarantee the uniformly feeding and size. Prevent rising and falling, thus getting the satisfied production index.


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