How to Improve Ball Mill Productivity?

General introduction:

Improving ball mill productivity is the most important thing in the mining process. There are many aspects effect the ball mill productivity, such as the magnetic feeder, the noise of ball mill, the belt feeder and the grinding quantity etc. The mentioned information will guarantee the ball mill is in the best working condition. If you handling these tips very well, it is very easy to improve ball ill productivity.



Strengthen the ventilation inside the ball mill

The ventilation speed in the ball mill is different according to different materials, generally the speed is 0.3~1.0m/s.

When the ventilation is in good condition, steam in the ball mill can be discharged in time, the hole won't be blocked and adhesion phenomenon also will cut down. The temperature inside the ball mill will be reduced and it is very helpful to the ball mill operation and improves the product quality. To produce strength grade cement usually adopts the low speed; on the contrary higher speed is more suitable.

Water spray in the ball mill

According to the temperature in the ball mill to decide the water spray, in general it won't spray if the temperature is less than 1000C. Besides, the water quantity can be decided according to the grinding material temperature, the water is about 1%~2% of the cement and to ensure all the water is evaporated totally. The water can be sprayed either through the grinding head or the grinding tail. If the material temperature is very high, it is useful to spray from the grinding head, in general, it always sprays from the grinding tail.


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