How to Improve Ball Mill Efficiency?


Making more profits in the equal time is the main purpose of every mineral merchant. Then how to improve ball mill efficiency is becoming more and more important in the nowadays. Generally speaking, there are four main factors affect the ball mill efficiency.


Main factors affect ball mill's efficiency:

Mineral property

The composition and physical property have great effect on grinding technical efficiency. In general, coarse size mineral is easy to be grinded in the coarse grinding section and it produces qualified products size quickly however fine grinding is relatively difficult.


Equipment has certain impact on the grinding technical efficiency. For example, overflowing type ball mill has low discharging speed, the big density particles could not be discharged easily and it is very easy to produce over crushing.


It is no doubt that operation will affect the grinding technical efficiency. For example, in the closed circuit grinding production line, sand returning quantity is big and exceeds the ball mill's normal through capacity, there will be coarse in the grinding products. Therefore, grinding sand needs stable and uniform.

Grinding concentration

Grinding concentration has great influence on the grinding technical efficiency. Grinding concentration affect the grinding time, directly, when the concentration is too big, materials flow slowly in the grinding mill, and the grinding time will be longer. It is easily to produce over crushing. These tips are very useful to improve ball mill efficiency.


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