Wet Pan Mill

Overview of Wet Pan Mill

Wet Pan Mill structure is similar with the dry grinding machine, except that there is no screen hole on the grinding base, grinding mound is lighter, a discharging machine. Our company's Wet Pan Mill can solve the problems, such as not homogeneous to stir, difficult to discharge air, which the similar mixing equipment couldn't solve. It is the novel and most applicable professional equipment to process the raw materials before the molding of the refractory material. Through the process of stirring—rolling—crushing—rolling of the raw materials and repeating the working process, the materials will be with balance moisture, even ratio, low gas contain, thus improving the molding ratio and quality. The end products of the Wet Pan Mill have the following benefits: the high density and strength, and no porosity ratio weight etc.


Features and advantages of Wet Pan Mill

1. Low investment;

2. High yield;

3. Low production costs;

4. Good efficiency;

5. High density;

6. Perfect strength.

Working Principle of Wet Pan Mill

Put the mixed materials and water into the grind, after mixing evenly, the materials will be expelled from the discharge port. In the mixing process, because of the stir and squeezing action, it is much better to eliminate the air among the materials. Then these will make the mixed pug with hydrologic balance, the particle surface with moisture, thus the mixed result is perfect.

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