Spiral Dryer

Overview of Agitation Tank

Overview of Spiral Dryer

Spiral dryer is widely used in mining, metallurgical, chemical industry, etc. The machine combines the advantages of pneumatic transmission and conduction heating technology and uses air or inert gas as carried medium. The material film lifted along with helix at inner wall will obtain heat continuously and will be dried within 3-15 seconds.


Features and Advantages of Spiral Dryer

1. Indirect closed heating, environmental protection and energy conservation, reduce the loss of slurry

2. Small investment, less premise, little supporting civil works

3. Reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance

4. Safety and durability

5. The lowest humidity can be lower than 1%, wide suitability

6. During the drying process, the balanced temperature can ensure the quality of coal slurry not changing

7. Continuous working brings high productivity

Main Structure of Spiral Dryer

Spiral dryer consists of a shell of W type, roof, and two hollow shafts with blade, end caps, the rotating joint with thermal medium, flexible metal tubing, and transmission structure with gear and chain wheel.

The core parts of this equipment are the hollow shafts and the mixing blades welding on the shafts. The semicircle with wedge blade plays a part in mixing. At the triangle bottom of blades, there is a scraper plate, to the effect of lifting the sedimentary materials.

Zenith's Spiral Dryer

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