Rotary Kiln Dryer

Overview of Rotary Kiln Dryer

Rotary-kiln dryer, is also known as rotary drum dryer, is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industries and so on. It is often used to dry off the metal concentrates, tailings, and grains. Meanwhile it is the most common choose of the drying machine for the cement factory. With a good applicability of materials, it is suitable for all kinds of materials.


Features and advantages of Rotary Kiln Dryer

Comparing to other dry equipment, the Rotary-kiln dryer provide high capacity and yield, operate easily and continuously. With easy and cost-effective maintenance, the applicability range is wide and the fluid resistance is small, the Rotary-kiln dryer can be used to dry the granule-like material.

Working Principle of Rotary Kiln Dryer

The cylinder body is slightly tilted to the horizon and with a certain speed to a fixed rotation direction. The powdery solid materials with wet enter into the cylinder through the feed screw convey. With the movement of the cylinder, the wet materials go to the lower side under the function of the gravity, at the same time contact with the steamy pipes directly, are heated and dried. To accelerate the drying process, the discharge port will provide continuously the inactive gas to take away the evaporative solvent. From the entrance, the materials begin to heating. With the solvent evaporation increasing, when the temperature reaches the boiling point, materials enter into constant speed drying stage. To achieve critical humidity, evaporation step down, materials enter into the falling rate drying stage, and the material temperature begin to rise gradually. The body temperature of materials could reach .

Rotary Kiln Dryer in Zenith

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