Rotary Dryer

Overview of Rotary Dryer (Rotary Drum Dryer)

Rotary drum dryer is a contact-type internal heating conduction machine. It is usually used in chemical industries, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. There are many types of the rotation drum dryer. According to the rollers' numbers, it can be divided into single, twin-drum, multiple-drum dryer. By operating pressure, it can be divided into two kinds: ordinary pressure and vacuum drum dryer. Classified by the fabric membrane form, it usually can be divided into top feeding, immersion, and spray dryer.


Features and advantages of Rotary Dryer

1. High thermal efficiency;

2. High drying rate;

3. Stabilized products drying quality.

Working Principle of Rotary Dryer

The working process of the rotation drum dryer is: the feed liquid which needs to be dried enters into the reception trough of the rotation drum from the upper trough. Because of the fabric membrane form, the materials can be attached on the surface of the drum. With the heating medium of the drum, the pressure is generally 0.2~6MPa, the temperature is between 120~150?. In the rolling process, materials moisture can be vaporization through the heat of the drum wall. During a rotation period, the drum dryer complete the fabric membrane, vaporization, dehydration. The drying materials are scraped with the scraper, and then conveyed to the store trough through the helix, in the end crushed or packed directly. The moisture which evaporated in the process of heating transfer, depending on their nature, through the sealed enclosure leaded in the relevant equipment to absorb the dust or discharge.

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