Floating Dryer

Overview of Floating Dryer

Floating dryer is dryer equipment which utilizes the hot flue gas and wet coal to convection heat in the machine. It is composed of the multi-spiral coal feeder, the head of cylinder, cylinder, and discharge chute and transmission device.


Features and Advantages of Floating Dryer

1. Long continuously working hours

2. High efficiency and good dry effect

3. Easy operation, safe and reliable

4. Low cost, no pollution

Working Principle of Floating Dryer

The clean floating coal enters into the cylinder which is installed with 12 rotary drums through the head of the multi-spiral feeder head. With the rolling of the cover plant and the drum, the dry clean coal spill down. They are driven to rotating by the motor retarder. In order to prevent the induced draft fan taking out a large number of coal power, or the power is laid up in the machine; there is a sweeper in the export of the dryer. It is driven by the above mentioned system. Installed with a layer of refractory bricks of the wall, in order to ensure safty operation, the tube has 12safty valve. When there is excessive pressure caused by the burning explosion in the machine, the safety valve will be open automatically.

Zenith's Floating Dryer

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