Dust Removal Plant

Overview of Dust Removal Plant

There will be much dust produced by the manufacturing equipment in the processing of aggregate and mining. You must control the dust output, if you want the dust emission to reach the national standard production conditions, and the discharge load of waste gas & dust under the national emission standards. According to the features and properties of the mine dust, Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co. LTD ( Zenith) has produced a series of dust removal machines for promotion use in the nationwide such as desulphurization equipment, dephosphorization equipment, desilication equipment, desliming equipment, de-ironing equipment, and arsenic removal equipment. As a result, this equipment achieves an ideal effect.


Features and advantages of Dust Removal Plant

1. The dust removal plant of the mining raw materials crushing system should adopts the measures in the feed port, discharge port, upside of the vibrating screen and the transfer point of the belt conveyor of the crusher or grinder , which is used for raw materials ore, lump ore, limestone, dolomite, alumina, raw coal etc.

2. The discharge car upside of the blending ingredients slot and its downside–dosing station should adopt the dust removal measures.

3. The dust removal system of the raw coal crushing and conveying should adopt the professional measures.

4. The wind-drawing and dust-removing systems of the raw materials stockyard include the crushing and screening dust removal system of the ore & limestone, the crushing dust removal system of the aluminum ore & coal.

Zenith's Dust Removal Plant

Shanghai Zenith Machinery Co. LTD ( Zenith) is a high technology enterprise which includes development, production, and sale of the crushing machine, sand making machine, milling equipment. Our Dust removal plant is specially designed for reducing your production costs. Choose Zenith, choose high profitability and success. With unrivalled quality, unbeatable prices, unreserved service, we are looking forward to your cooperation. Join us and reach new heights with Zenith.