Agitation Tank

Agitation Tank or agitation tank is a machine, which has some axis with blades are rotating in the cylinder or tank to mix various materials together into proper consistency mixture. There are many types of Agitation Tanks, such as compulsion mixer, one horizontal shaft mixer and double horizontal shafts mixer etc. Agitation Tank or automatic feeder must be cleaned up to prolong service life, especially in winter. Agitation Tank is also called mixer, the mixer is commonly used to mix and stir various kinds of dry-mixed mortar. Zenith machinery supplies complete flotation equipment, such as agitation tank and flotation machine etc. Zenith machinery provides complete technical solutions for mining industry all over the world. Our equipment has excellent performance and low price.

Hot Types of Agitation Tank


1. Double horizontal shafts mixer

Based on international advanced technology, Zenith redesigned the double horizontal shafts mixer. The double shafts mixer is equipped with over-load protection device and high-pressure feeding device with low noise and high reliability. The double shafts mixer can fully slake the materials with proper hardness and minimize the wear rate. The mixer will be equipped with a hydraulic power unit, which will control solenoid valve to make the discharge door open or close. If the electric hydraulic pump broke down or the power is off, the manual hydraulic pump could be the power to open the discharge door, it is convenient to clear the chamber to avoid the concrete sets inside the chamber.

2. Vertical Agitation Tank?

The vertical Agitation Tank consists of motor, mixing drum, drive shaft and mixing paddle. There is an inverting mixing paddle fixed on the drive shaft. This two mixing paddle on the new type Agitation Tank are reversing rotation, the materials form convection between the two paddles in the mixing process, which highly improve the mixing efficiency.

Work Principle of Agitation Tank

The Agitation Tank works depending on multiple parameters, it is impossible to describe a mixer by any single parameter. Shaft power, paddle drainage volume, pressure head, paddle diameter and rotating rate are the main parameters. Under certain power and paddle pattern, the paddle drainage volume and pressure head can be differed by adjusting the paddle diameter and rotating rate.

Attentions of Operation Agitation Tank

1. Agitation Tank should be fixed on the flat place, lined the two wheel up by square timber avoid the machine moving when start up.

2. Agitation Tank should come with leakage protection. It should be checked carefully before starting up.

3. The rotation direction of the mixing drum should be identical with the instruction.

4. Check the drive clutch, brake, wire rope, pulley, and the each part lubrication, make sure the Agitation Tank works with high reliability and flexibility.

5. Check regularly if the Agitation Tank works smoothly after starting up, and check if the blades bent or if the screw loose.

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